Storm Siren

I received this book from Thomas Nelson in exchange for an honest review.

I would recommend this book for ages thirteen and up.

This book follows a girl named Nym who can control storms, because she is an elemental. An elemental is a gift given only to boys, and they are always killed at birth. Since Nym is a girl she was allowed to live, but when Nym’s parents die, she is sold into slavery. After killing or injuring her fourteen previous owners, she is sold to a Court Adviser named Adora. Adora offers Nym an opportunity to weaponize her powers  to benefit her homeland of Faelen in their ongoing war. Nym accepts and begins to learn to control her ability. While learning more about the politics of wars, Nym begins to hear stories of an evil creature far more powerful then Nym could ever imagine herself being, and she begins to wonder if this was a good idea after all.

I loved this book, and have already recommended it to a couple of my friends.

I thought that the pacing in this book was very well thought out. There was no unnecessary action, but the book didn’t drag on either. Mary Weber definitely built up a lot of suspense for the final scenes which I really enjoyed.

My only main complaints was that I wish there could have been more detail supplied in the world the author created. Since this is a fantasy book, the world was brand new, and I wish that I would have been able to imagine the setting a little bit more. Mary Weber’s heavily focused descriptions of the magic behind everything was intriguing and that same focus would have made her world come alive.

I loved the characters in this book because of how imperfect they were. They all experienced personal set backs in their lives that they had to overcome. None of them came off as perfect or unbeatable, which added to the suspense, especially in last couple of chapters. Even though I loved all of the secondary characters, the main character did come off as a bit whiny and childish at times, but over all I enjoyed reading from her perspective.



My favorite character was Colin, because he was always making sarcastic remarks, and he lightened the mood of the book.

This book had no language, minor to medium romance and medium violence involving fantasy fight scenes.

Four And a Half Out of Five Stars

Author: Mary Weber

Pages: 352

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2 thoughts on “Storm Siren

  1. Wow, that was a great review. It was almost like I was reading the book with you but of course you left out so much, now I HAVE to read it. Thanks for being honest and straightforward with the author. It’ll be fun to see if your comments will make a difference in the sequal.