Shadow and Bone

I would recommend this book for ages thirteen and up.

Alina and her best friend Mal live in a world full of Grisha. Grisha are humans with supernatural powers that control the society they live in. When Alina and Mal are old enough, they get tested to see if they possess any of the Grisha powers; both their tests come back negative. Many years later as they continue to live in poverty, Alina, despite the negative test results, begins to show signs of Grisha. The Darkling, the leader of the Grisha, takes her to their camp in order to begin her training. As Alina becomes more comfortable with the Grisha she begins to learn some secrets that the Darkling would do anything to keep hidden, and she begins to realize the true reasons why he wants to train her.


I originally picked this book up because I am going to YallFest in November and Leigh Bardugo is going to be there. As I started this book, I wasn’t too sure if I would like it.  The further I got into it, the more I enjoyed it until I absolutely loved it. The main thing I like in fantasy books is world building and this book had a lot of it, although not enough of it to be boring. Another thing that I liked about this book was how unpredictable it was. I liked that I figured all the twists out at the same time Alina did. I loved this book and I’ve already bought the second one. I’m excited to see how the story continues.


My favorite character was Mal because he never gave up on anyone or anything.

This book had Medium swearing, medium romance and medium violence.

Five Out of Five Stars

Author: Leigh Bardugo

Pages: 416


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