The Archived

I would recommend this book for ages thirteen and up.

This book follows a girl named Mackenzie who is a keeper of The Archived. The Archived is where the dead, called histories, are filed in “libraries,” and the keepers job is to hunt them down and put them back in their files when they escape. The histories will do almost anything to stay out of the files, they may even be willing to kill someone. Mackenzie is not allowed to tell anybody about this dangerous¬†job which could get her killed at any moment. Then, the job as a Keeper becomes even more life threatening when someone begins erasing the memories of the histories. Now Mackenzie must figure out who is doing this before The Archived is destroyed.


I really enjoyed this book, and thought that the world building was the most impressive part in this story. Everything was very well laid out, and it all came together in the end. My biggest issue with this book was the character development. I felt very disconnected from all of the characters and each persons back stories. I will be reading the second book, so I hope I will be able to relate to the characters more.


Because of the lack of character development I did not have a favorite character.

This book had no swearing, Medium violence, and minor to medium romance.

Three And a Half Out of Five Stars

Author: Victoria Schwab

Pages: 321

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One thought on “The Archived

  1. Your review was very clearly written. You describe the book well, and anyone reading it would know for sure whether or not they would want to read, or buy, the book. Good job!