The Fires of Calderon

I would recommend this book for ages ten and up.

This book follows the story of a young boy named Albert who is very annoyed with his boring life. His life begins to get much more interesting when his dad sends him to deliver a letter to his old friend, the Path Hider.  The letter informs Path Hider that Albert is old enough to train to become a balance keeper,  a person with magical abilities who keeps balance in the earth.  Albert delivers the letter to a  man who works with his dad and he takes Albert to an underground society in the center of the earth with two other kids named Leroy and Birdie. They are told that they are going to begin their training to become balance keepers, and if they are good enough they will be able to travel to other realms. Problems occur when a group of kids get sent to another realm and don’t come back. Now it is up to Albert, Leroy, and Birdie to find them and restore the balance to the earth.

When I finished this book, the first thing that came to my mind was that it was fun. It wasn’t incredible and it didn’t stick out, but I really enjoyed reading it. You do have to take into consideration that this is a middle grade book and so it is not supposed to be incredibly complex. I was told that this book was a mix between Harry Potter and Percy Jackson, but personally I didn’t think that it was. It had its own uniqueness that kept it exciting. I recommend it to young readers or someone who is looking for a light, fun read.


My favorite character was Birdie, because at first she was the only one who was excited about the new world she was in.

This book had no swearing, no romance, and minor violence.

Three And a Half Out of Five Stars

Pages: 352

Author: Lindsay Cummings

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2 thoughts on “The Fires of Calderon

  1. I enjoyed your review. It encourages young readers to get into the reading habit. It was a good comparison between this book and others and that it stood on its own.