Throne of Glass

I would recommend this book for ages thirteen and up.

This book follows a girl named Celaena who is the worlds top assassin; that is until she gets caught and put into a death camp. After a year in the camp, Prince Dorian comes and presents a proposition to her. If she enters a competition against 23 other assassins and wins, then she can become the kings personal assassin and be released from prison. If she declines she will have to stay in the camp until she dies. Celaena accepts the proposition  and is given a personal trainer named Chaol in order to prepare for the competition. Celaena begins to get nervous when one by one her other competitors are being killed in the middle of the night.What power can be so strong that it can easily kill these assassins, and when will it come for her?

This book was exactly what I was expecting, but completely different at the same time. My biggest issue with this book was that I didn’t find the love triangle believable. One of the guys was very nice while the other was extremely short tempered and rude, but she was still in love with them both. It seemed like there shouldn’t have been any competition. I have heard that this gets better in the second book, so I am excited to see if that is true. The other part that I wasn’t too excited about was the supernatural element of it. I thought that this book was going to be completely focused on assassins with a medieval times setting which it was until the supernatural element appeared. Once again I have been told that the supernatural element comes together more in the next books.

Even with those few things, I loved this book overall and highly recommend it. The action and mystery were amazing and it made me second guess myself continuously. Celaena’s character development throughout the book was amazing and seemed very realistic, which is very rarely accomplished. I can’t wait to continue on with this series and see how everything plays out.


My favorite character was Dorian because one of his favorite things to do was read and I could relate to him.

This book had medium swearing, medium violence, and minor romance.

Pages: 404

Author: Sarah J. Mass

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3 thoughts on “Throne of Glass

  1. Another great review. You really nailed the story but didn’t give away the important points. Just makes people want to read it.