I would recommend this book for ages twelve and up.


This summary may contain mild spoilers for Blackout: This is the second and final book to the Blackout duology. This installment continues from where Blackout left off, with Jack and Aubrey separated in two different war training camps. Desperate to find a way to get back together, Jack and Aubrey agree to join a small group of other teens like them to help in the war as spies. The problem is that the leaders of their group are slowly turning them into their personal assassins instead of spies. Now Aubrey is no longer sure if she wants to stay and when someone gives her and Jack an opportunity to escape, the temptation to leave becomes even stronger.


I was very excited for this book to come out, because I loved Blackout and have been waiting impatiently for this one. I wasn’t sure how much I would remember the summary for this book because I read Blackout so long ago, and there were some things that I forgot, but overall it was easy to get back into the story. I did not enjoy this book quite as much as Blackout, because this book focused more on the politics of the war, over the action of it. We are introduced to some new characters, who I did not enjoy as much as I would have liked. They did however,  add something darker and creepier to the story which was very interesting. Overall this was a great sequel and it reached my expectations. I thought that it was a great ending to another one of Robison Well’s amazing duologies.


My favorite character was Jack, because he always thought logically and considered what was best for his whole group, not just for him.

This book had practically no romance, medium language, and medium violence. Overall, all four of Robison Well’s young adult books are completely appropriate for anyone twelve plus.

Four Out of Five Stars

Pages: 384

Author: Robison Wells

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2 thoughts on “Deadzone

  1. I enjoyed the review and especially your pointing out how easy it was to get into the second book, having read the first one so long ago. That happens to me and I always appreciate a good summary before I begin the new book so I can get into the subsequent book. Thanks for the review.