I read an ARC of this book: Release date-January 6, 2015

I would recommend this book for ages twelve and up.


Infected follows a girl named Carina who has recently been orphaned after the death of her Uncle Walter. At her uncle’s funeral Carina finds a letter saying not to go home with her new caretaker Sheila. On the letter is an address that Walter left for her to go to instead. Carina and her boyfriend Tanner run away from Sheila and make it to the address that was left to them. Once they are there they find a series of videotapes left behind by Walter for them to watch. As they listen to each one, they learn that Walter had been working on a serum that gives you supernatural strength, speed, and senses. After the serum was tested on humans they began to notice something go wrong. After a while, the subject began to twitch, and as the hours went on the worse it got. After thirty six hours, the subject was dead. Carina begins to notice things, like the twitch in Tanner’s eye and the uncontrollable movement in her leg. They have the infection, and they only have three hours left.

This book was a fast read, but was also very enjoyable. The main characters had a wonderful and believable relationship together that continued through the whole story. In most young adult books it seems that teen relationships are portrayed as either perfect, or a complete disaster; but this book showed both. Although Carina and Tanner were very close, they still got frustrated with each other when they were stressed. The world building in this book was mediocre, but I’m not sure if this is going to continue into a larger series. It ended in a way that could easily be a stand alone, which I think I would prefer. My only real issue with this book was that a couple of the scenes felt cut off. When Tanner and Carina were talking, a couple of their conversations felt like they ended abruptly. It seemed like the author didn’t take enough time to fully finish the scene.

Over all I really enjoyed this book and will be looking for anything else that this author has coming out.


I didn’t necessarily have a favorite character in this book because all of the characters seemed to play their roles perfectly. The villains were great at being villains and the heroes were great at being heroes.

The violence was mild to medium, the swearing was medium, and the romance was medium. This book was hard to define in content rating because both the violence and the romance fell somewhere in between mild and medium. If you have any questions you can contact me or check my content rating scale page.

Four And a Half Out of Five Stars

Author: Sophie Littlefield

Pages: 242

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2 thoughts on “Infected

  1. What happened? What happened? Now I just have to read the book. I love your reviews. They are so honest, showing the strong points as well as the weaknesses.