Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children

I would recommend this book for readers ages thirteen and up.


Jacob is a sixteen year old boy, who grew up listening to crazy stories from his grandfather’s time in an orphanage full of “peculiar children.” Stories such as a girl who can fly, a boy with bees living inside of him, and many more, but the older Jacob gets, the more he begins to question the truth behind his grandfather’s stories. After Jacob witnesses a tragedy, involving someone close to him, he travels to an island off the coast of Wales along with his dad. Jacob begins to uncover strange vintage photos that depict his grandfather’s stories perfectly. The bed time stories that his grandfather once told, could they be real?  If so, what of the peculiar children?  Were still alive?

What interested me most about this novel was the author used actual photographs to enhance the stories that Jacob grew up with. Every character introduced in the book had a creepy antique photo to go with them. These photos made the story even creepier than it already was, and it helped you visualize some of the peculiar abilities that were showcased.

The world building in this book is amazing, and I found the setting to be even more incredible. Wales is not a place that you here about too often in books, and the description that Ransom Riggs put into his novel makes it seem even more life like.

My only complaint is that near the middle, there was a point where the story seemed to drag a bit. I had to push myself to get through that certain part, and I’m glad I did, because the ending is great.


My favorite character in this book was Miss Peregrine, because she truly cared about all the children that she took care of, and wanted to give them good and fun lives.

This book had medium language, mild to medium romance, and medium violence

Four Out of Five Star

Author: Ransom Riggs

Pages: 352

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3 thoughts on “Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children

  1. Sounds good. Would it be appropriate/interesting for my son who is 11 years old? He loves to read & “devours” books quickly! Thanks Rachel!!!

    • Hi Trina! I wouldn’t recommend it for an eleven year old, mostly because of the cussing and violence. I could recommend some books for an eleven year old if you want.