All Fall Down

I recommend this book for ages 12 and up.

All Fall Down-2

Grace Blakely has been labeled crazy by the rest of her family. Three years ago Grace’s mother died, and while the rest of her family believes she died in a fire, Grace witnessed the horrific event and knows that she was murdered. Three years later, Grace comes back to her home country of Adria to live with her grandfather, who is an ambassador. Grace becomes reunited with some old friends, along with some enemies. While in Adria, Grace becomes convinced that she saw the man who killed her mom; but how is a girl who is perceived as crazy supposed to prove anything?

I have loved Ally Carter’s books for years now, so it was safe to say that I was beyond excited when I heard she had a new series coming out. I was definitely not disappointed. Grace is an extremely likable character and I found her to be one of the most relatable characters that I have read in a long time. The plot moved quickly, but still had enough dialogue to keep you interested in the characters and their personal lives. All of Ally Carter’s books, no matter how serious, still have a fun or funny element to them, and this book was no different. All Fall Down never felt dragged down, but always had a fun and up beat feel. I highly recommend this book.


My favorite character was Noah, because he was the light hearted and fun character in this book.

This book had no language, no romance, and mild to medium violence pertaining to spies.

Other Notable: Grace suffers from severe panic attacks

Five Out of Five Stars

Author: Ally Carter

Pages: 310

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