Red Queen

I would recommend this book for ages twelve and up.


Mare Barrow lives in a world where everyone is split into one of two groups- silver bloods and red bloods. Silver bloods are the royals, they control the city because of their abilities. Each silver blood is born with an advantage, whether it is control of an element or being able to stay young. Red bloods are the commoners, they have no special abilities. Mare is a red blood who is a couple months away from being put in the army along with her best friend. Her older brothers are already there, and her sister will soon follow. That is before Mare is taken to the palace where she finds out that even though she is still a red blood, she has a silver blood ability. To hide this, the king keeps her in the palace and forces her to become engaged to one of his sons. Now Mare is thrown into a world that she knows nothing about, but when a group of rebels come to her for help, she may be willing to join them even if it means her death.

I was so excited for the release of this book. It had been advertised so much and most of the early reviews I read were all positive. Unfortunately I did not enjoy this book. The characters all seemed to be copies of previous characters, and they felt very 2 dimensional. The plot is also an overused one. I ended up skimming the last hundred pages, because I felt like I had read this book 100 times before. Another major discussion involving this book was the plot twist at the end. Once again I found it to be predictable, and I guessed it extremely early on. This could be because I have read so many things similar to it. If this book had come out two years ago, I think I would have really enjoyed it, which is why I think people who are new to young adult fantasy will love this book.


This is based off of the parts of the book that I read fully.

The romance was mild, with medium language (infrequently used,) and medium violence. All though the acts of violence were darker, nothing was described in great detail.

Two Out of Five Stars

Pages: 383

Author: Victoria Aveyard

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3 thoughts on “Red Queen

  1. Good review. Thanks for your honesty and pointing out that although you didn’t enjoy it, those who are new to this kind of book might enjoy reading it.