I would recommend this book for ages 12 to 13 and up.


Veronica and Mackenna have been best friends their entire life, so when Mackenna buys them both tickets to visit Scotland for the summer, Veronica doesn’t hesitate to agree. Now, she can get away from her terrible life at home and spend the whole summer alone with Mackenna. Then, Veronica starts to have visions of a kingdom called Doon, and one of the princes, named Jamie, that rules the kingdom.  The girls uncover two rings left by Mackenna’s great aunt along with a letter with instructions that transports them to Doon. Veronica and Mackenna’s excitement soon dies down when the whole kingdom, including Jamie, believe that they are witches sent to destroy Doon. Now the girls are stuck in a world they don’t know and have to convince everyone around them that they are not the witches of Doon.

I originally read this book two years ago, right when it came out. I could not get into it, and I eventually gave up. Now, this book has become extremely popular along with the whole theme of Scotland, thanks to Outlander. I decided to pick Doon up and give it another try. While many of my opinions are the same, some have changed. I enjoyed this book, and have already picked up the second one.

My biggest complaint with this book is still the same as before; the writing style. I feel like the dialogue was extremely cheesy and juvenile. Since the dialogue was cheesy, it made the characters seem younger and overall unlikeable. Most importantly, it didn’t make the story feel serious. The characters kept saying how dangerous things were, but it never felt life threatening. Each of the characters fell into a different YA cliche, but I was able to over look that.  My last complaint with this book, was the romance. This books main focus is the romance, which isn’t a bad thing, but I felt like the story kept getting lost because of it. Also this book suffers from insta-love which makes the driving force of this book feel unbelievable.

With all of that said, I still really enjoyed this book. My favorite thing about it was the world building. It was obvious that the authors knew exactly what they were talking about when it came to Scotland. To make the world even more believable, the authors wrote in a Scottish accent. For example, “lord” was written as “laird.” It felt like I was in Scotland.  I always enjoy when an author puts a lot into the world building. The thing I loved most about this book was that I wanted to keep reading it. Even though it was not the most well written book in the world, I still wanted to keep reading, and I immediately picked up the sequel. The ending was great, and gave me high hopes for book two.



This book had almost no swearing, but I caught one minor curse word near the end of the it. The violence was also extremely mild. I would say the romance was medium, but some people will still say it was minor. While there was only some minor kissing, there was still lots of thinking about romance.

Four out of Five Stars

pages: 395

authors: Carey Corp and Lorie Langdon

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7 thoughts on “Doon

  1. As your reviews usually are, this one is all-inclusive, with the good and the bad included. I like the fact that even though you couldn’t get into the book the first time you tried, you picked it up again and read through it. Sometimes our likes and dislikes change with time. Great review.