Top Ten Tuesday

Top ten characters that I didn’t click with

My top tens are in no particular order. If you love any of the characters listed below, do not feel offended, this is just my opinion.

1. America Singer from the Selection series, and from what I’ve heard, it seems like nobody likes her. America is extremely whiny, wishy washy, and childish. She can’t make any decisions for herself and then proceeds to whine about how it is everyone’s else’s fault except her own.

2. Staying on the selection theme, Aspen is easily one of my least favorite characters of all time. I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone who has not read the series, but in my opinion, he is a pretty terrible human being.

aspen_leger_at_the_beginning_of_book_one_by_larasmarty-d8ccj1q The_Selection_Cover505116711caf4226ef1a63f0c5e927ec

3. Peeta Mellark from the Hunger Games is another one of my least favorite characters of all time. In fact, I would have to say that he ties Aspen for first place. In my opinion, throughout the entire series Peeta was written as a wimpy, whiny, stalker, that Katniss falls in love with for almost no reason at all. No matter how many times someone tries to tell me his good character traits, I never can see them because they are all so minuscule compared to his bad ones.


4. Draco Malfoy from the Harry Potter series is a bit of a different story. I don’t hate Draco in any way, but I definitely don’t love him. I was shocked when I heard that Draco was so many peoples favorite character, not because he was a bad character, but because he felt very generic compared to all of the other characters.


5. Chaol from the Throne of Glass series. I read Throne of Glass before it started to get popular, and I was not a fan of the character. Once again, he wasn’t a “bad” character or one that I hated but I didn’t think he was anything special. A couple of months after I finished the book, everyone was in an uproar about how wonderful he was, and I just don’t see it.


6. Ian from the Host. Again, I felt like he was extremely generic. He was the epitome of a classic 2-d love interest. I felt like Jared was written so much better and had some story and personality to him.


7. Tobias Eaton from the Divergent series. I really didn’t like Tobias, mostly because he was constantly mean and terrible to Tris, but yet he still “loved her.” Their romance seemed extremely forced and unlikely.


8. Frank Zhang from The Heroes of Olympus series. I love everyone in any Percy Jackson book, but for whatever reason I didn’t click with Frank. I felt like he was kind of the “third wheel” of the group, and slightly unnecessary to the story as a whole.


9. Day and June from the Legend series. I only read the first book of this series, and I stopped because I found myself not caring. I didn’t care about the characters, their romance, or even if they died. There wasn’t anything I hated about them, I just found them to be boring.


10. Sarah from the I am Number Four series is also tied with Peeta and Aspen for my least favorite character of all time. Words can’t describe how frustrating it is to still have her in this book series when she should have been cut out or killed off ages ago. She hasn’t done one helpful thing but has done plenty of unhelpful things that gets everyone in trouble. She also whines a lot, and as you can see from the rest of the list, I don’t like whiny characters.


So, there is my top ten! I wasn’t totally sure if the term “didn’t click with” meant characters I hated or simply didn’t love, so I did both. Let me know what your top ten are!


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2 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday

  1. That was an interesting write-up. You usually don’t see people writing on the negatives, just the positives, or the ones they like. Wondering if it was hard to come up with those you didn’t click with, or didn’t like. In any event, it was engaging.

  2. Informative Top Ten. It would have taken me a long time to think of that many that I didn’t connect with!
    Great job!