I would recommend this book for ages twelve and up.



Will Scarlet is good at two things: stealing from the rich and keeping secrets – skills that are in high demand in Robin Hood’s band of thieves, who protect the people of Nottingham from the evil sheriff. Scarlet’s biggest secret of all is one only Robin and his men know…that she is posing as a thief; that the slip of a boy who is fast with sharp knives is really a girl.
The terrible events in her past that led Scarlet to hide her real identity are in danger of being exposed when the thief taker Lord Gisbourne arrives in town to rid Nottingham of the Hood and his men once and for all. As Gisbourne closes in a put innocent lives at risk, Scarlet must decide how much the people of Nottingham mean to her, especially John Little, a flirtatious fellow outlaw, and Robin, whose quick smiles have the rare power to unsettle her. There is real honor among these thieves and so much more – making this a fight worth dying for. (Goodreads)

My Review

I was a little bit nervous going into this book; there aren’t many retellings of Robin Hood, so I didn’t know how the author was going to go about it. I had no reason to worry, because this whole book was absolutely amazing! This book is a perfect example of another who decided to let her characters speak in the way that they would in that time, which I love! Scarlet’s character was  incredibly and realistically written. 90% of the time, I am not a huge fan of the main character of a book series, but Scarlet was one of the few 10%.

Almost everything about this book was stunning. The characters, the dialogue, the plot, and the setting were all fantastic. With that being said, I did have a problem with the romance. From the very beginning we know that Scarlet is in a love triangle with Robin hood and little John. I felt like the love triangle was completely pointless; there was never a time where it wasn’t completely obvious who she would end up with. It was clear from the start that one of the boys had no chance. In the end that is only a small issue, and in no way ruined the book.

I don’t really have to much more to say about this book except that I highly recommend it to anyone who is even vaguely interested in the story.


This book had medium language and violence. Overall the romance was pretty mild, with a few somewhat descriptive kisses.

Other notables: Scarlet is kissed by another girl while she is dressed up as Will Scarlet. The other girl is not aware that Scarlet is a girl, and Scarlet is made fun of by Robin and the other boys for it.

Four Out of Five Stars

Pages: 304

Author: A.C. Gaughen

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