The Wizard Killer

By Adam Dreece

I would recommend this book for ages 12 and up



A world once at the height of magical technology and social order has collapsed. How and why are the least of the wizard killer’s worries.

Leaning my bloody head against the back of the crashed levitating carriage, I flex my cramped fingers. With a renewed grip on the mana-pistol, I steal a quick breath. The others better wake up fast, otherwise we’re all going to burn.

Enjoy all 20 pulse-pounding episodes, and an all new side to best-selling YA author, Adam Dreece.

Recommended for adults, appropriate for most 12+ .

Note: This is written in an episodic, serialized style. (Goodreads)

My Review

As the Goodreads summary says above, this book was published in a serialized way. Even though I read the book all at once, I tried to keep in mind how the story would progress to someone who was reading it in parts. I felt like overall the book would still come together fine to someone reading it in pieces. There were not too many characters, so there wouldn’t really be a chance of getting the characters confused. There was only one perspective and a straight forward plot so that would not cause a problem either.

Adam Dreece has a way of immersing his readers in the worlds that he creates no matter how small the book is. The Wizard Killer is a book that is fewer than 100 pages, and yet it felt like I had been there for an entire series worth of books. There is never any info dumping or unnecessarily long description; everything flows perfectly and is easy to understand. The characters were also, extremely likable in the short amount of time that they had.

In all of Adam’s books there has always been a specific scene that is vivid and really stands out to me more than the rest of the book. When thinking back on his books I feel like those specific scenes encompass the story well. Looking back on this book there is, once again, a scene that I remember more strongly than the rest, and I really enjoy that.

Adam has a way of writing opening chapters that make you want to keep reading. In his two most recent books the beginnings have been some of the most interesting, and memorable starters of books that I have read in a while. Having said that, I felt like the ending sequence of The Wizard Killer became slightly dragged as it went on. Overall, that was not a deterrent as this book was great and it set up nicely for the sequel, which I am very excited to read.


violence: 2/5                               Stars: 4/5

Romance: 0/5                             Pages: 95

language: 0/5                              Buy Book Here: Amazon

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2 thoughts on “The Wizard Killer

  1. Good review, as usual. It helps the reader know what to expect, and how to read the book. If I were younger, I know I’d want to read Adam Dreece’s books.