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Todays Top Ten Tuesday is all about villains, but I couldn’t come up with enough to write a post about. Instead, I’m going to do an old Top Ten Tuesday that I missed!

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This Top Ten Tuesday I actually managed to put in order from least favorite to favorite.

once-upon-a-time  Once Upon A Time: This is a fairy tale retelling show. The main character is found by her son that she gave up for adoption. He takes her to a town called StoryBrooke and tells her that she is the savior meant to save them all and help all of the residents of the town remember who they are, (Fairy tale characters.) This show has had a couple of bad seasons but I’m hoping this next season brings the show back to what it used to be.

Is is still running: yes How Many Seasons: 5 Favorite season: 3 Least favorite season:

Agents_of_S.H.I.E.L.D._season_3_poster  Agents of Shield: This is a spin off of marvel about specific shield agents that Phil Coulson picked to work on special operations with him. About two years ago this was my favorite show but I have stopped watching it since then because of something that happened in season 3. I’m still not sure if I’m going to keep watching it.

Is is still running: yes How Many Seasons: 3 Favorite season: 2 Least favorite season: 3

Merlin  Merlin: Merlin is about a wizard that gets sent to Camelot to work with the physician of the castle. He ends up also working as King Arthur’s servant. This is probably the cheesiest show that I watch, but I’ve been watching it again recently with my younger sister and I still really like it.

Is is still running: no How Many Seasons: 5 Favorite season: 5 Least Favorite Season:1

cover170x170  Doctor Who: This is very upsetting for me because I used to be insanely obsessed with it, but since the new doctor it’s just not as good. I didn’t even watch the most recent season and don’t think I ever will.

Is is still running: yes How Many Seasons: 9 Favorite season: 6 Least Favorite Season: 8

nt_16_StrangerThings_Netflix-destacada  Stranger Things: This is a new show made by Netflix that only has one season. It is about a boy who is kidnapped and his friends, mother, brother, and some other people who are trying to figure out what happened to him. The thing that made me decide to watch this show was that it is not a basic detective show, it has sci fi elements in it and it’s amazing.

Is is still running: yes How Many Seasons: 1

Revolution+tv+show  Revolution: I absolutely love this show and I’m still mad that it only got two seasons. This follows a world where there is no power. The main character’s brother is kidnapped and she, along with a couple other people, go to find him.

Is it still running: no How Many Seasons: 2 Favorite season: I don’t know, I love them both

Survivor_-_Heroes_vs_Villains_logo  Survivor: This is the only reality show on my list. It is about a certain amount of people being dropped off on an island on two separate teams. They compete and get eliminated until one person wins.

Is it still running: yes How many seasons: somewhere in the 30s Favorite Season: There are so many but top three are 15,16, and 20

100-tv-series-full-episodes  The 100: Like most of these shows, I’m pretty sure everyone knows what this is about. It follows humans that have survived a nuclear war by living in space. Unfortunately, they are running out of air so they send  a 100 juvenile delinquents to earth to see if it is survivable.

Is it still running: yes How many seasons: 3 Favorite Season: 1 Least Favorite Season: 3

prison-break-revient-en-septembre  Prison Break: I just started watching this show this summer and it was unbelievable. It follows a structural engineer who gets himself arrested on purpose. His brother is on death row for a crime that he didn’t commit and he wants to get in to break him out. This show ended in 2009 with four seasons, and in 2017 they are doing an 8 episode reboot season!

Is it still running: other than the reboot season, no How many seasons: 4 Favorite Season: 1 Least favorite Season: 3

830812  Lost: Lost is my all time favorite show because every season is amazing. The characters are some of my favorite ever, the plot is incredible, and the show is over so it can never be messed up. Lost follows a group of passengers on a plane that crashes on an island and what happens to them there. It’s told in two parts: what is going on on the island, and in flashbacks, showing each character’s past. If you have not watched it you need to binge watch it.

Is it still running: no How many seasons: 6 Favorite Season: 1 or 2 Least Favorite Season: 4 or 5


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