My Favorite Books: Fantasy

12954620 Falling Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes: I started this series three years ago right before the second one came out. Falling Kingdoms introduced me to ‘high fantasy.’ It’s a good series to read for someone who wants to try to get into high fantasy.

Six-of-Crows Six of Crows: I read an ARC of Six of Crows a couple months before it came out. I hadn’t read Leigh’s other series but I knew that it had good ratings. Six of Crows ended up being my favorite book of last year. I have almost only seen positive reviews for it and I can’t wait for the sequel.

an-ember-in-the-ashes-by-sabaa-tahir An Ember in The Ashes: An Ember in The Ashes came out last year and it was extremely hyped. I actually got so annoyed with hearing about it that I didn’t read it. This year, I went to BEA and my friend gave me a copy of the sequel, A Torch Against The Night. When I came home from Chicago, I read An Ember in The Ashes and I really enjoyed it. It isn’t one of my all time favorite books but I think it deserved the hype that it got.

51qIsV1-G1L._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_ Percy Jackson: Percy Jackson will always be in my favorite series list. I read them for the first time in fifth grade and have read the entire PJO and HOO series four times. It’s a series that I think everyone should read and every age could enjoy.

81tPvW3NBvL The Infernal Devices: This is a spin off series from the mortal instruments, which I haven’t read and don’t plan on reading. I feel like what sets this Cassandra Clare series apart from her others is the romance. This book has been unanimously decided by the book community to be the best love triangle in young adult books. The love story seems to be what most people remember from this trilogy. It’s nice to have a fantasy series that is calmer and not all about the action.

thegirloffireandthorns_new-200x300 The Girl of Fire and Thorns: The general plot for this book series is a little strange, but Rae Carson pulls it off in a way that made me not realize how odd it was until after I finished reading it. I read this series three years ago so it is hard to remember everything but I know I loved the books and read them very quickly. I immediately gave them to two of my friends and they loved them too.

The_Two_Princesses_of_Bamarre The Two Princesses of Bamarre: This book is in my top three favorite books of all time; I’ve read it eleven times. It is a stand alone fantasy book which is something I rarely see. It has creatures that I’ve never heard of and a unique plot. The story never felt rushed even though there is only one book and it is pretty short.


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