Content Rating Scale


0/5: No romantic elements

1/5: Un-described kissing, small amounts of sexual tension

2/5: a few instances of described kissing and sexual tension

3/5: Described kissing and romance through out the book; un-described sex scenes

4/5: constant described kissing and mildly described sex scenes

5/5: Lots of romance, all greatly described



0/5: No swearing through out the book

1/5: Mild use of the smaller swear words

2/5: Moderate use of the smaller swear words

3/5: Constant use of the smaller swear words; sporadic use of moderate swear words

4/5 Constant use of small and moderate swear words; mild use of strong swear words

5/5: Constant use of all swear words


0/5: No violence through out the  book

1/5: Small amounts of violence with no details.

2/5:  Small amounts of violence with some detail

3/5: Moderate amounts of violence with detail

4/5: Moderate amounts of violence with lots of detail

5/5: Constant violence with graphic detail

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